ALDO is a well-known brand that is known for its stylish shoes, bags, and other accessories that are right on style. The company is stepping up its game with a strategic partnership. They’ve teamed up with Jakarta-based Dentsu Creative Indonesia to start some creative advertising and marketing efforts. The main goal of this partnership is to make ALDO more visible, with a focus on reaching markets in the Philippines and Vietnam.

A Strategic Partnership by ALDO for Growth Around the World

This agreement is a big step towards ALDO’s goal of having an impact outside of Indonesia. And then, the ultimate goal is to get a stronger footing in the Asia-Pacific area, which is very competitive. The brand’s commitment to growth and development shown by this move.

As of Thursday, October 12, 2023, Zaid Bitar, Vice President of International Marketing & Digital at ALDO Group International, said, “Teaming up with Dentsu, our trusted local agency partner, is a game-changing step in our effort to boost the ALDO brand.”

Complete solutions to improve market presence

As part of a 360-degree campaign plan, Dentsu Creative will offer a wide range of services, such as creative ideas and their development. This approach includes many things, like using social media, managing influencers, planning fun events in stores, using dynamic digital out-of-home ads, and managing projects and making sure they get done well.

Wisnu Satya Putra, CEO of Creative at dentsu Indonesia, said this about this all-encompassing approach: “By combining our collective skills, infusing new creativity, and making the most of modern creative techniques, we aim not only to strengthen ALDO’s presence in the competitive Asia-Pacific market but also to give it a unique identity that sets it apart from the crowd.”

ALDO Taking Advantage of Chances in the Asia-Pacific Region

The main goal of this partnership is to help ALDO grow its business in the fast-paced Asia-Pacific area. ALDO is getting ready to make a strategic move. And then, they want to grow in key areas like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Southeast Asia seen as a key area that needs a focused and nuanced approach. The reason, because its constantly changing consumer landscape and wide range of market dynamics.

“Being a well-known brand around the world, it makes sense for us to want to keep growing, and Southeast Asia is at the top of our strategic vision.” Aldo wants to grow its presence in this region alone, and so far it has opened more than 140 stores, as Zaid ended by outlining the company’s strong plans for growth.

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